*Dog Training Guide*

*Training your dog to use puppy pads could take some time, but it will be rewarding in the end!*


*Choose a specific and consistent location. Cover the area in puppy pads.*


*Place your dog on the puppy pad. Make it a habit to place your pup on the pad when they need to go the most.*

3. CAPet-training-step3

*Monitor your dog’s your potty patterns. Observe your dog to get a feel for how often they need to go.*

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*Regulate your dog’s feeding times. This will help you regulate the potty usage.*


*Connect a verbal command with the action of going potty. For example, say “go potty” and meet with a reward if done correctly.*

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*Use positive encouragement when your dog correctly uses the pad.*

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*Over time, increase the space of the enclosure that they can roam in and eliminate all but one pad.*

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*Dispose the puppy pads after each use and replace it with a fresh one.*

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